Fall In Love With Your Wardrobe Again

Fall in love with your wardrobe again in this engaging & practical style and wardrobe makeover workshop. Atlanta’s leading style and organization experts will share their fashion and wardrobe organization advice in this workshop.

Session 1. Fall In Love With Your Wardrobe Again! Look attractive with a minimum of effort and time. This session will show you how you can squeeze more space out of your wardrobe and make it function more smoothly so you look well put together with a minimum of effort and money, saving you time and money! You’ll discover: • Step-by-step instructions to weed through and get control of your clothing • 4 ways to get organized and stay organized – discover the method that works for you • Get dressed in minutes — and look great • The easy way to organize your work day wardrobe in just 15 minutes a week

Session 2: Less is more! Too many clothes and nothing to wear. Make life stress free with a wardrobe makeover. Learn how color co-ordination can give you more choices with fewer items. Discover where to re-invest in your wardrobe. This fun and informative session providing tips and techniques to build and manage a wearable wardrobe. Our Wardrobe Organization session can help you to: – Build an Effective Wardrobe? – Determine what image you portray? – Budgeting for a wearable wardrobe – Creating harmony and order by building wardrobe clusters – Working with your best colors and body shape

Session 3: Becoming a Stylish and Savvy Shopper. Our Stylist will show you how to mix and match your work wear to maximize your wardrobe while looking elegant and professional. Determine the best investment piece for this season. Revealing simple insider tips for how to extend your wardrobe with accessories and stylish co-ordination. You’ll learn a whole new approach to wardrobe co-ordination, including how to: • develop a signature image that reflects your potential and goals • make an impact with fashion and coordinate in your best colors • dress with confidence and credibility for what the every day will bring

Session 4: Be ready to go at a moment’s notice like a true VIP.

Our qualified facilitators are trained to provide you with the advice you need to develop an effective Style and Wardrobe and get your closet organized to maximize your time and energy.