Dress To Match Your Ambition

dressing strategies

Your personal appearance can be your greatest asset or effectively sabotage your best efforts.  Knowing how to present yourself and the power of personal marketing is as critical as education and business skills. Think of yourself as the most important package you will ever sell.
Marjorie can assist you re-brand yourself to increase your power, confidence and credibility in the workforce as you climb the ladder to success.

Successful people dress today for the position they want tomorrow…

They say, ‘An ounce of image is worth a ton of performance’. In this world, some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some engage a great image management professional.

Did you know … research indicates that 67% of first impressions are accurate? Your professsional image tells the world who you are and where you’re going or where your business is going.

People will judge you firstly by what you wear, then by how you speak, and then by the words you say — and they will do it in the first six seconds of your meeting. In that brief time potential clients will decide:

  • Whether they like you,
  • Whether they trust you,
  • Whether they want to do business with you or spend time with you.