Your Fashion Formula

You might think that not having a supermodel body, an unlimited wardrobe budget or a personal stylist are the reasons you have a problem wardrobe or any kind of wardrobe woes.

Everyone has found themselves standing in front of a stuffed closet thinking that we have nothing to wear. In that moment, we wonder, what is the real secret to dressing well and what happened in our closet.

Take heart and be courageous. Your closet only seems to be filled with a miss matched wardrobe that no force of nature could ever squeeze a decent outfit out of for any event you might need to attend.

With just a few simple math principles of harmony, beauty and proportion you soon could find yourself in front of that same closet with the wardrobe of your dreams.

Now do not get excited. You will not have to calculate any kind of math problems to have this result at your fingertips. We each have our own unique personal mathematical fashion formula. When we heard each of us was unique that really was the whole truth of the statement.

The result of knowing just how unique you truly are is rewarded by looking more stylish in every way. Some look thinner, some look younger, some look taller. Whatever the end result for you, you will find yourself with more confidence and a better understanding of the type of clothing styles that will enhance your body the most. It is just a matter of appying your personal fashion formula.

Since the world around us and everything we consider to be beautiful is made up of proportion, it makes sense that the clothing that makes us look our best would use these proportion principles as well. Knowing your personal fashion formula allows you to use this formula as your secret weapon to discovering the most flattering way to wear every article of clothing in your closet.

From the best length of a skirt or top, to the ideal dress or accessory, its power to create the perfect outfit is truly extraordinary. This knowledge can be applied whether you are shopping in the back of your closet or buying something new at the mall.

We have often heard the statement knowledge is power. Well, in this case applied knowledge is power. Your personal fashion formula will take any outfit from frumpy to fabulous in record time.

Who knew that our own personal math formula would be so important to know and use. Whether giving new life to those clothing items in your closet that have been hanging in there taking up valuable space that you did not know what to do with to finding just the right new outfit that has every detail in line with your formula, knowing your personal fashion formula is exciting and makes your dressing life so much easier. It also makes dressing more fun when you know you look your best every time.