Image Update

Beauty and fashion trends update frequently during the year so to be in the know you can get all of the latest information without spending hours every month from the insider secrets from the groups that set the trends and forecast the colors.

Be informed before the trends hit the marketplace so you can experience  fashion breakthroughs and get a shortcuts to style information.

The world is fascinated with Makeovers. Careers are made and lost on your ability to continually improve, advance and reinvent yourself.

TV programs such as What Not to Wear, Biggest Loser, 10 Years Younger and Extreme Makeover highlight our desire to change.

What is not apparent at first is how the makeover changes beliefs and attitudes. Our new ‘look’ improves our lives and our approach to it. It changes the way we see ourselves and that impacts the way others begin to see us.

Psychologically we can leave the old behind and confront a new life with a deeper understanding of ourselves.

Who are YOU?  Is it time to upgrade your professional image to better reflect your potential and career goals.

Take control of the decisions others are making of you.

An Image Expert can assist you in building and leveraging your professional image to better reflect your true potential. For some tips on updating your professional image, start with what styles of clothing will work best for your age, size, body shape and lifestyle.

Building your profile is as simple as developing a strong personal brand and a striking personal image.  When getting a new look you need to think strategically as you are developing your new image by deciding what the new look will do for you: to get that job offer, gain that promotion or win that client.

Creating an impact with your image to leverage your abilities and sky rocket your success is easy. You just need to use the tools that are presented to you to begin.